More creations in wool and cotton

Hi everyone,

Here are a few more of my little felt/fabric creations. Poppy, Sakura and Patches are all available in my Etsy store: Pip & Ollie


This is Poppy the Purple Owl. She is made from purple felt and cotton quilting fabric. I began this crafting and sewing journey at the end of 2011, having only done painting and drawing beforehand. Poppy was my first ever creation and was entirely hand-sewn.


Patches the Patchwork Cat was the second of my creations and was made by upcycling an old patchwork skirt. Patches was also entirely sewn by hand.

Little Sakura Doll is a Japanese inspired rag doll named after the Japanese word for blossom. Like Patches and Poppy, Sakura was entirely hand stitched and she has been made using cotton quilting material and felt.

Rooooooaaaarrr! Feltosaurus was made as a present for my partner who has a child-like fascination with dinosaurs (and who can blame him?). Feltosaurus was also hand stitched and made of felt.


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